New York City – walk the streets from movie scenes ☺️

For so many years I had this dream to go to NYC one day. Some people didn’t understand why visiting city is the thing I want to do. I was reading about it, watching movies about it and I even had puzzles, 2000 pieces, presenting the amazing view on NYC.

When I finally got my US visa, after many years, I made the decision that it’s happening.

If I have to use one word to describe New York it would be FAST. Extremely fast. People eat fast. People speak fast. People walk fast. The last thing was the one I could keep up with 😅

Even the weather changes fast! Like couple times… within an hour…

Everything happens now and there is no time for more than required. Which is also something very characteristic for that place that you won’t find in other US cities.

If you don’t find people to talk to, be sure that they will find you 😂

It’s actually the thing which I liked the most, that people just talk to each other although they’re sitting at different tables or they are busy with their own things standing in a queue. Some conversations are just meaningless small talk but some can give you great ideas what is worth seeing, doing or you can even end up with having new travel friends or private guide for an afternoon.

And there are many places to visit and things to do. Come on, if you’re in NY there is always something going on.

First of all, come to terms with the fact that you not going to experience it all if you’re not staying there longer than a regular holiday. I think one year might be  not enough 😂 The events run in the same breath in different parts of the city so you need to do the selection. There are pages on FB and IG where you can get the idea of what’s going on outdoor, indoor, in terms of food, arts, science, parties, etc.

My advice is focus on what you are interested in! Don’t waste your time on so called “must seen”, “must done” attractions. Follow your heart as well as your interests and you will learn and discover many more things you probably aren’t aware of.

Let me share my highlights ☺️


  • The best cakes ever – Lady M Bakery. Crepes cakes each layered with soft and delicious cream! L O V E D   I T!
  • The best sushi place – Izakaya Mew. Dynamic underground place with fantastic fresh food served by absolutely cool people. Easy to pass the entrance by.
  • The best doughnut – The Dough. Huge and the flavors are cosmic!

Museums etc.

  • Spyscape. Discover your inner spy as they say ☝️
  • MoMA. Just amazing exhibitions. I was so impressed with holograms!


  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. THE Enterprise Space Shuttle, submarine and those amazing aircrafts on the deck of Intrepid 😍


  • MET. The best out of the best. You need the map. And time. Lots of time.


  • Cruise to Statue of Liberty and under the bridges.


  • Let local to show you around. Request for a New Yorker or just book a walking tour.

Spots for great photos:

  • Flatiron Building


  • Chrysler Building


  • Empire State Building (recommend to go there for sunset!)


  • Rockefeller Center with Top of the Rocks


  • Times Square


  • Brooklyn Bridge


  • Central Park


  • High Line and The Vessel


  • Financial district


  • Grand Central Terminal


  • Albertine Bookstore in French and English


The best thing ever to do in NY that I recommend to everyone is flying a helicopter and have those skyscrapers literary at your feet 🤗


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