Top 5 things to do in Marrakech

It wasn’t difficult decision to make where to go in December last year. From three options we decided to visit Marrakech. And it was the best choice we could make! Here is a short list of 5 things which, in my opinion, are great to spend time in Marrakech! Enjoy reading!

1. Let’s sleep on the desert!

Last time when I went to sleep on the desert it was Sahara combined with hiking in Atlas Mountains in Algeria. I stayed in a great hotel provided by my company with swimming pool and all-inclusive. This time was different. We went to Zagora and stayed in a tent! Sounds like a great adventure! And so it was, eating with locals Berber tagine, singing songs, sitting around the fire, watching absolutely stunning sky during the night. The conditions were quite tough because as it was December, the temperature during the night dropped to 2 degrees. It wasn’t the lack of proper bathroom, shower or drinking water that made it so memorable. It was the cold during the night. But luckily, we managed to survive and only those who experienced that know how great relief can come with a rising sun 🙈


The trip included also stops to do some sightseeing, e.g. Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou.


2.  Hammam

After adventures on the desert it’s nothing better that Hammam and whole body massage. It’s just one of those things you must do when you are in Marrakech. The smell, steam, pleasantly warm water and peeling treatments are fantastic way to reload your batteries before further sightseeing.

3. Tagine, tagine and more mint tea☺️

We asked local met on the street for recommendations for good traditional restaurant. He took us to the place which was still in a center but absolutely hidden gem. We would never have found it on our own! Traditional interior and smell of spices in the air were incredible. So was the food! While in Marrakech please eat like locals! They have amazing cuisine! And relax having mint tea ☺️


4. Driving quads

Not far away from Marrakech you can experience great driving adventure off the beaten track. Empty desert and couple places to stop and drive through the dunes rising your adrenaline level to maximum. At the end, you would do it all once again and you don’t even care about 2 cm of dust all over your body 😂


5. Medina, museums and gardens

There is no excuse for not visiting Medina in Marrakech! You can find there so many things! Many of them are unique and very characteristic for their culture. Argan oil, beautifully smelling soaps, leather shoes and bags are among most popular. The things which I was focused on were lovely cookies! I stocked myself with mint tea and fantastic spices! The smell is unbelievably intensive! 😍

465EDB6F-DA1A-4BC4-A5B7-D0A5365B726F9CC6EB38-C13D-4905-A8F8-32FBFAEBB16F435769D3-16E9-4A43-8D1C-8750C69B0286Have time to visit the most popular attractions such as beautiful Bahia Palace, Musée Yves Saint Laurent with the garden Jardin Majorelle and Musée de Marrakech. All city is a perfect place to chill with many parks and gardens. One of my favorite was next to Koutoubia Mosque. 


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