Give me a plane ticket to Israel and I’m going!

Israel, the place where I tried the best hummus and the worst hot chocolate ever (chocolate sprinkles in warm milk is not hot chocolate!).

Although it’s been almost a year since I went to Israel I still remember like it was yesterday. I want to share my impressions and some tips for those who would like to go there. Let’s take the walk down the memories street.

Had a clear aim for that travel. Apart from experiencing Israeli food, culture and enjoying sandy beaches of Tel Aviv I wanted to see Dead Sea, as it is one of these phenomena that it’s going to disappear in about 50 years leaving only those tall hotels in the middle of the desert.


Rent a car at the airport and started heading towards southern part of Israel on the Road no 90.

In order to rent a car in Israel you need to pay attention to lots of details. You cannot cross the border and get out of Israeli territory. The best advice I can give is to take pictures/videos of your car before you drive. They can be very picky about the tiniest scratches. Allow your device to register location and time of taken pictures. They will ask for it! This is how I proved them that it wasn’t me who lost the rear wiper 😂

Another important tip is to know where it is allowed to park your car, only when the curb is painted blue.

The time for adventure began!

Before got to Dead Sea I wanted to visit Masada which is an ancient fortress built by Herod. It was also the place where during the First Jewish-Roman War in 73-74 CE, 960 Sicarii rebels committed mass suicide in order to never give up. As researches claim, first husbands killed their children and wives and then themselves. It is great place to visit with even greater history. In this area you can observe a species of starling, a native to the Middle East, which is called Tristram’s starling. I think those dark loud birds create in Masada very special atmosphere.


There are two ways of getting there and there is a chance to get sort of funicular to the top or just use a special trail.

From Masada, there is a nice view on the desert and Dead Sea, which was my next point. It is amazing how you drive through empty desert passing camels and beautiful rock formations. You feel like your car is not simple city car but it becomes at least a Cybertruck launched by Musk driving somewhere on another planet! So you drive, and drive, and drive, until the next hill where you can actually spot this crazy blue colour of the Sea! Something remarkable! Don’t ask me how many times I stopped and got off the car just to take a picture! 🙈


Technically, Dead Sea is a salt lake with Jordan River as a main tributary It’s also the lowest elevation on land with it’s 430.5 m below sea level! As I mentioned before, researchers predict that without taking any preventing actions and due to the water steaming as well as relatively small amount of rain, the Dead Sea is going to disappear in about 50 years.

There are different areas at Dead Sea with resorts. I visited two: Kalia Beach and Ein Bokek. Ein Bokek stole my heart! Couldn’t wait for having a bath and check if myth of floating in the Dead Sea is real. And it was exactly what happened!


Although I haven’t taken famous picture with a newspaper I did all the other things so typical for that destination and which I can recommend to everyone. Time for a nature spa! Bathing in or just being nearby  Dead Sea can be also improving your health. With salinity 30% water has a positive influence on treating skin diseases and in the air it’s 10% more of oxygen.

Next, there is nothing better than covering yourself with mud from Dead Sea!😃 Relax, walk a bit, then wash it off with water and enjoy your new perfect skin ☺️😍 Simple as that! Don’t worry you’re in the middle of the desert because everything in those small touristic areas can be found, for example, if you get hungry you can even visit fancy McDonald’s.

Had fantastic time in Tel Aviv but Dead Sea is a place I can come back to even tomorrow. In my opinion, this is the most extraordinary place I have ever seen and I’m extremely happy I could see it! 😉

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