The adventure starts 3,041 metres above sea level! Titlis, Engelberg

If you think that you can go early in the morning to Engelberg and you will be one of the first people to go up in the mountains than you cannot be more wrong! 

I have always talked about Engelberg and Titlis. One of my goals was doing a Titlis Cliff Walk! This weekend I finally made it all! Here is my impression.


Having waited so long to go to Engelberg, I had really high expectations.
Engelberg itself was another beautiful town in Switzerland with a lot of paths and trails to explore. 
It takes about 15 minutes to get to Stand station by cable car. Then, you need to change for famous revolving cable car. The concept is very good and allows you to see what is around without even turning your head. Make sure you stand close to windows. Then you arrive at your destination.
It is amazing that you can ski there everywhere, not only in special designated parts of Alps.

The first attraction is a Glacier Cave. It is quite small but good to visit. Compering this one with the one which is available at Jungfrau, I need to say it is not that impressing.


Moving on, there is famous Titlis Cliff Walk. I have seen so many movies and pictures on the Internet, so my expectations were quite high. When I started walking I wished it could be longer.  It is quite wobbly too, so sometimes it was difficult to walk straight. Anyway, the views were absolutely spectacular! Was it worth it? Yes! Definitely! Another fantastic place I can recommend to visit.


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