Sydney – first impressions and wild life side of the city.

Finally, I made it! Having enough of looking at beautiful pictures of Australia on Instagram and Facebook, and dreaming about going there, I booked a ticket. A ticket to Paradise! 🙂


Sydney is absolutely amazing place full of surprises. There is always something going on you can be a part of. I loved the idea having a little garden with a big screen to watch Australian Open Grand Slam. Next to the International Cruise Terminal, there is a special place which street artists can book and perform. They do so many kinds of art starting with singing, dancing, painting finishing with acrobation and stand-ups. My favourite was Emma. She could fit herself in a small box. Her sense of humour and contact with audience made a performance really special.

I started my Australian adventure in Darling Harbour. On Sunday morning you don’t get lots of people over there, shops are still closed so you can enjoy a coffee in one of many cafes. In Darling Harbour, there is Sydney Sea Life and Sydney Wild Life Zoo. I was impressed a lot with Sea Life. Having been to European Oceanariums, this one is well-planned and it offers a lot of species which cannot be found in other parts of the world. All of them are absolutely amazing. Passing big tanks with sharks, little fish and dugongs, walking through two large pools using the Perspex tunnels or looking at two-million-litre Great Barrier Reef tank are just fantastic feeling. You can take a boat inside and visit penguins too. A place perfect no matter what is your age.


Next to Sea Life is Sydney Wild Life Zoo. Come in through the foggy curtain and enjoy watching Australian reptiles, butterflies, spiders, snakes koalas and kangaroos. It is not a Taronga Zoo, about which I’ll write latter, but still worth seeing, especially when you book a combo ticket. Sea Life, Wild Life Zoo, Mainly Sea Life Sanctuary, Madame Tussauds and Sydney Tower Eye have the same owner, so booking online combo ticket for couple of attactions is a good option to get the discounts.

Walk through Pyrmont Bridge – National Engineening Landmark and visit Fish Market. Or go the other way straight to Chinese Gardens of Friendship. The garden was built in 1988 according to Taoist principles. You can enjoy silence and peace over there surrended by lush plants. If you would like to feel “more Chinese” you can wear national Chinese outfits only for $10. 🙂


From time to time, they organise events to paint tiles for The Great Wall of Friendship whch is brilliant idea to interest the youngest generiations into different culture.


Taronga Zoo!

So special and unique. And yes! you can see giraffes lazy walking and Sydney in the background! 🙂


I took a ferry to Taronga Zoo and I was ready to start off with Sky Safari. It is a cable car which takes you to the main entrance. Views were already amazing from a cable car: monkeys, elephants and bongos. A very good start!

The area of Taronga Zoo is absolutely huge. It is around 75 hectares of bush where many Australian animals live. Kangaroos, koalas, platypus, komodo dragon and lots more. The variety of birds is impressive as well. I loved the spots with benches where you could sit and just watch all amazing birds: Pink-headed pigeon, King Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Noisy Pitta and Cassowary.



Is this bongo just sticking his tongue out to me?!


You can be entertained for at least couple of hours over there not only wandering around but also participating in shows, animal talks, feeding times. They have done a special Tiger trek as well. Usually the queue is really long to get there! So you need to wait a little bit for your boarding time. You enter the quite old plane construction. Your flight attendant welcomes you onboard and says that you are going to fly to Indonesia! And there you are! Indonesian street with Indonesian shops with dragon fruits hanging on the door and, what is most important,  Indonesian tigers 🙂


When I told my friends I booked a ticket they all warned me about spiders, snakes and other wild life. Did I encounter any? Oh, yes. You have no idea how many times all those creatures made me jump! Once, when I was walking through the forest, I went off the beaten track and almost walked into a massive spider web with yellow and brown coloured spider which was huge. Luckily, I stopped on time! But it didn’t discourage me from exploring. Just be careful where you walk and pretend to be a tree with your legs wide when it is a snake. And it will be aaaalright 🙂20180124_011247IMG_0140IMG_0170

To be continued...

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