Zug, Switzerland


First (serious) post on the blog will be about my actual place of living – Zug in Switzerland. Having moved from UK, suddenly I found myself in an absolutely new environment. Culture, people, habits, language(!), everything was so different to what I had known. Process of getting used to this place took me lots of time and energy. Starting new job, meeting new people, becoming familiar with things which were unknown to me, dealing with all those new things. However, there was a one day, when I climbed on Zugerberg (Mountain of Zug) and looked at the town in front of my feet. I thought that the view I could see was just beautiful. Suddenly, it felt more like home. So, we gave each other a chance 🙂


Last year, at this time I was comparing chocolate waffels on Christmas Markets in Nice and Monte Carlo. This year, I chose the wish for the Wish Tree (Wunsch Baum) which is placed in Old Town of Zug. You can find all kinds of wishes over there! Starting with love, hope, healthy family, hapiness for all the people, finishing with never ending can of beer! Zug during the winter time is a great place to visit. The Christmas atmosphere is in the air but not in a very commercial way. The Christmas Market is subtle and charming. Looking at the snowy tops of Swiss Alps and enjoying a little bit of snow at the lakeside makes it even more special. Don’t forget about a piece of famous Zuger Kirschtorte. Because Zug is a town of cherries!

The Kirschtorte was invented by Heinrich Höhn in 1915. In Kirschtortenmuseum at Bundesplatz, there is still an original recipe available to see. What makes it special is that the sponge is soaked with Kirschwasser which is cherry brandy, made in Zug as well. The best Kirschtorte and actually the best cakes and chocolade mousse (in my opinion) could be found in Treichler – the real home of Zuger Kirschtorte. Being in Zug and never trying Spätzli, Rösti, Raclette and delicious Zopf is unforgivable. Apart from beer, it’s good to try very Swiss Rivella drink or Apfelschorle.

Zug offers breathtaking landscapes. Combination of lake, green fields, forests and mountains makes it a place where everyone can find something for oneself. Take a walk alongside Lake of Zug, rent a bike to explore more places around, take a boat to go on a cruise to see other parts of Lake of Zug, hike in the mountains or just stay in town and enjoy coffee and a piece of cake in one of many Cafes. What I personally adore the most is sunset. There is nothing better from the sunset beside a lake. The view is far beyond the expectations. The sky becomes a stage where colours, clouds and the sun perform a fabulous show everytime better and better. It’s a good occasion to take some pictures so you can meet both professional and amateur photographers.

The other thing which makes me always smile is saying goodbye to people. Not because I don’t like people! Mixing languages is quite popular in Switzerland, especially German, French and Italian so saying “Ciao, ciao!” always brings a smile on my face! 🙂




There is something for fans of windy weather too!



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