New York City – walk the streets from movie scenes ☺️

For so many years I had this dream to go to NYC one day. Some people didn’t understand why visiting city is the thing I want to do. I was reading about it, watching movies about it and I even had puzzles, 2000 pieces, presenting the amazing view on NYC.

When I finally got my US visa, after many years, I made the decision that it’s happening.

If I have to use one word to describe New York it would be FAST. Extremely fast. People eat fast. People speak fast. People walk fast. The last thing was the one I could keep up with 😅

Even the weather changes fast! Like couple times… within an hour…

Everything happens now and there is no time for more than required. Which is also something very characteristic for that place that you won’t find in other US cities.

If you don’t find people to talk to, be sure that they will find you 😂

It’s actually the thing which I liked the most, that people just talk to each other although they’re sitting at different tables or they are busy with their own things standing in a queue. Some conversations are just meaningless small talk but some can give you great ideas what is worth seeing, doing or you can even end up with having new travel friends or private guide for an afternoon.

And there are many places to visit and things to do. Come on, if you’re in NY there is always something going on.

First of all, come to terms with the fact that you not going to experience it all if you’re not staying there longer than a regular holiday. I think one year might be  not enough 😂 The events run in the same breath in different parts of the city so you need to do the selection. There are pages on FB and IG where you can get the idea of what’s going on outdoor, indoor, in terms of food, arts, science, parties, etc.

My advice is focus on what you are interested in! Don’t waste your time on so called “must seen”, “must done” attractions. Follow your heart as well as your interests and you will learn and discover many more things you probably aren’t aware of.

Let me share my highlights ☺️


  • The best cakes ever – Lady M Bakery. Crepes cakes each layered with soft and delicious cream! L O V E D   I T!
  • The best sushi place – Izakaya Mew. Dynamic underground place with fantastic fresh food served by absolutely cool people. Easy to pass the entrance by.
  • The best doughnut – The Dough. Huge and the flavors are cosmic!

Museums etc.

  • Spyscape. Discover your inner spy as they say ☝️
  • MoMA. Just amazing exhibitions. I was so impressed with holograms!


  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. THE Enterprise Space Shuttle, submarine and those amazing aircrafts on the deck of Intrepid 😍


  • MET. The best out of the best. You need the map. And time. Lots of time.


  • Cruise to Statue of Liberty and under the bridges.


  • Let local to show you around. Request for a New Yorker or just book a walking tour.

Spots for great photos:

  • Flatiron Building


  • Chrysler Building


  • Empire State Building (recommend to go there for sunset!)


  • Rockefeller Center with Top of the Rocks


  • Times Square


  • Brooklyn Bridge


  • Central Park


  • High Line and The Vessel


  • Financial district


  • Grand Central Terminal


  • Albertine Bookstore in French and English


The best thing ever to do in NY that I recommend to everyone is flying a helicopter and have those skyscrapers literary at your feet 🤗


Top 5 things to do in Marrakech

It wasn’t difficult decision to make where to go in December last year. From three options we decided to visit Marrakech. And it was the best choice we could make! Here is a short list of 5 things which, in my opinion, are great to spend time in Marrakech! Enjoy reading!

1. Let’s sleep on the desert!

Last time when I went to sleep on the desert it was Sahara combined with hiking in Atlas Mountains in Algeria. I stayed in a great hotel provided by my company with swimming pool and all-inclusive. This time was different. We went to Zagora and stayed in a tent! Sounds like a great adventure! And so it was, eating with locals Berber tagine, singing songs, sitting around the fire, watching absolutely stunning sky during the night. The conditions were quite tough because as it was December, the temperature during the night dropped to 2 degrees. It wasn’t the lack of proper bathroom, shower or drinking water that made it so memorable. It was the cold during the night. But luckily, we managed to survive and only those who experienced that know how great relief can come with a rising sun 🙈


The trip included also stops to do some sightseeing, e.g. Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou.


2.  Hammam

After adventures on the desert it’s nothing better that Hammam and whole body massage. It’s just one of those things you must do when you are in Marrakech. The smell, steam, pleasantly warm water and peeling treatments are fantastic way to reload your batteries before further sightseeing.

3. Tagine, tagine and more mint tea☺️

We asked local met on the street for recommendations for good traditional restaurant. He took us to the place which was still in a center but absolutely hidden gem. We would never have found it on our own! Traditional interior and smell of spices in the air were incredible. So was the food! While in Marrakech please eat like locals! They have amazing cuisine! And relax having mint tea ☺️


4. Driving quads

Not far away from Marrakech you can experience great driving adventure off the beaten track. Empty desert and couple places to stop and drive through the dunes rising your adrenaline level to maximum. At the end, you would do it all once again and you don’t even care about 2 cm of dust all over your body 😂


5. Medina, museums and gardens

There is no excuse for not visiting Medina in Marrakech! You can find there so many things! Many of them are unique and very characteristic for their culture. Argan oil, beautifully smelling soaps, leather shoes and bags are among most popular. The things which I was focused on were lovely cookies! I stocked myself with mint tea and fantastic spices! The smell is unbelievably intensive! 😍

465EDB6F-DA1A-4BC4-A5B7-D0A5365B726F9CC6EB38-C13D-4905-A8F8-32FBFAEBB16F435769D3-16E9-4A43-8D1C-8750C69B0286Have time to visit the most popular attractions such as beautiful Bahia Palace, Musée Yves Saint Laurent with the garden Jardin Majorelle and Musée de Marrakech. All city is a perfect place to chill with many parks and gardens. One of my favorite was next to Koutoubia Mosque. 


Give me a plane ticket to Israel and I’m going!

Israel, the place where I tried the best hummus and the worst hot chocolate ever (chocolate sprinkles in warm milk is not hot chocolate!).

Although it’s been almost a year since I went to Israel I still remember like it was yesterday. I want to share my impressions and some tips for those who would like to go there. Let’s take the walk down the memories street.

Had a clear aim for that travel. Apart from experiencing Israeli food, culture and enjoying sandy beaches of Tel Aviv I wanted to see Dead Sea, as it is one of these phenomena that it’s going to disappear in about 50 years leaving only those tall hotels in the middle of the desert.


Rent a car at the airport and started heading towards southern part of Israel on the Road no 90.

In order to rent a car in Israel you need to pay attention to lots of details. You cannot cross the border and get out of Israeli territory. The best advice I can give is to take pictures/videos of your car before you drive. They can be very picky about the tiniest scratches. Allow your device to register location and time of taken pictures. They will ask for it! This is how I proved them that it wasn’t me who lost the rear wiper 😂

Another important tip is to know where it is allowed to park your car, only when the curb is painted blue.

The time for adventure began!

Before got to Dead Sea I wanted to visit Masada which is an ancient fortress built by Herod. It was also the place where during the First Jewish-Roman War in 73-74 CE, 960 Sicarii rebels committed mass suicide in order to never give up. As researches claim, first husbands killed their children and wives and then themselves. It is great place to visit with even greater history. In this area you can observe a species of starling, a native to the Middle East, which is called Tristram’s starling. I think those dark loud birds create in Masada very special atmosphere.


There are two ways of getting there and there is a chance to get sort of funicular to the top or just use a special trail.

From Masada, there is a nice view on the desert and Dead Sea, which was my next point. It is amazing how you drive through empty desert passing camels and beautiful rock formations. You feel like your car is not simple city car but it becomes at least a Cybertruck launched by Musk driving somewhere on another planet! So you drive, and drive, and drive, until the next hill where you can actually spot this crazy blue colour of the Sea! Something remarkable! Don’t ask me how many times I stopped and got off the car just to take a picture! 🙈


Technically, Dead Sea is a salt lake with Jordan River as a main tributary It’s also the lowest elevation on land with it’s 430.5 m below sea level! As I mentioned before, researchers predict that without taking any preventing actions and due to the water steaming as well as relatively small amount of rain, the Dead Sea is going to disappear in about 50 years.

There are different areas at Dead Sea with resorts. I visited two: Kalia Beach and Ein Bokek. Ein Bokek stole my heart! Couldn’t wait for having a bath and check if myth of floating in the Dead Sea is real. And it was exactly what happened!


Although I haven’t taken famous picture with a newspaper I did all the other things so typical for that destination and which I can recommend to everyone. Time for a nature spa! Bathing in or just being nearby  Dead Sea can be also improving your health. With salinity 30% water has a positive influence on treating skin diseases and in the air it’s 10% more of oxygen.

Next, there is nothing better than covering yourself with mud from Dead Sea!😃 Relax, walk a bit, then wash it off with water and enjoy your new perfect skin ☺️😍 Simple as that! Don’t worry you’re in the middle of the desert because everything in those small touristic areas can be found, for example, if you get hungry you can even visit fancy McDonald’s.

Had fantastic time in Tel Aviv but Dead Sea is a place I can come back to even tomorrow. In my opinion, this is the most extraordinary place I have ever seen and I’m extremely happy I could see it! 😉

The adventure starts 3,041 metres above sea level! Titlis, Engelberg

If you think that you can go early in the morning to Engelberg and you will be one of the first people to go up in the mountains than you cannot be more wrong! 

I have always talked about Engelberg and Titlis. One of my goals was doing a Titlis Cliff Walk! This weekend I finally made it all! Here is my impression.


Having waited so long to go to Engelberg, I had really high expectations.
Engelberg itself was another beautiful town in Switzerland with a lot of paths and trails to explore. 
It takes about 15 minutes to get to Stand station by cable car. Then, you need to change for famous revolving cable car. The concept is very good and allows you to see what is around without even turning your head. Make sure you stand close to windows. Then you arrive at your destination.
It is amazing that you can ski there everywhere, not only in special designated parts of Alps.

The first attraction is a Glacier Cave. It is quite small but good to visit. Compering this one with the one which is available at Jungfrau, I need to say it is not that impressing.


Moving on, there is famous Titlis Cliff Walk. I have seen so many movies and pictures on the Internet, so my expectations were quite high. When I started walking I wished it could be longer.  It is quite wobbly too, so sometimes it was difficult to walk straight. Anyway, the views were absolutely spectacular! Was it worth it? Yes! Definitely! Another fantastic place I can recommend to visit.


Where to go Lisbon vs Porto

There is one question which appears on the Internet just everywhere. Where to go? What to chose? Which one is better? This is constant fight Lisbon vs Porto. To be honest, I had the same dilemma planning my trip to Portugal. So deciding for just one place wasn’t an option. I had to check both cities. And both of them were ridiculously beautiful. And here is what I have found.


Hello Lisbon!
I started my adventure with Alfama. Alfama is more traditional side of Lisbon. Inhabited by Visigots and later by Moors it was an upper-class residential area. However, after series of earthquakes it became a place for working class. Narrow, cobblestoned streets, rows of houses and local grocery shops hidden between them take you to completely different world, more traditional with ladies selling fish at the doorstep early morning! A ride with the most iconic Tram 28, which has its route over there, is a must. I was wandering and couldn’t believe that with each turn Alfama offers more and more beautiful views!



From Alfama it is easy to get to Castle. When I got off the Metro and looked around I have already seen the building on the hill which absolutely stands out. It is one of those castles which look can’t be more “castly?!”. When I entered it brought into my mind Elisabeth Castle on Jersey Island. The view was just fabulous and you can see whole city going while going round. Lucky me, I finished off with wonderful sunset. I noticed that actually everyone was looking at the panorama of Lisbon (which is quite obvious) and nobody looked behind at the walls of the Castle. The sun light made it so special and beautiful and nobody even noticed!


While visiting Castle I spotted a place which was just perfect to see the whole Castle from the distance. I knew I was going to visit Miradouro soon.

In Portugal, there are some special words which are good to know. Well, I’m not saying about “hello” or “thank you”. I want to tell you about
Bacalhau which is dry salted cod
Fish and seafood are really delicious here. Many if famous restaurants from all over the world are trying to make their own version of this dish tailored to their tastes.
Miradouro which is basically the view point. Attenzione Instagrammers – filter is no needed!
Fado which is a typical Portugese melancholic music accompanied by a guitar.
Pastel de Nata – a typical Portugese tart with custard.

Aaanywaaay, when I got to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, I was astonished by the view! And again, as far as beauty is concerned, Lisbon, you doing it well! It doesn’t matter that the wind felt like it was blowing 839394 km/h 🙂 Having taken some pictures of sunset, I have already decided I would be coming back here at night. So I did. And don’t tell me that in big cities you cannot see the stars! Because you definitely can in Lisbon! 😊


There is plenty of Miradouros in Lisbon. They all have three things in common: beautiful view of Lisbon, a cafe and live music performed by street artists. Beautiful sounds of guitars and pianos make the views even more special. Miraduoro is obligatory. When I was at Miradouro Sophia de Mello two men came up, stood next to me, looked at the panorama of Lisbon and one of them said: “Ok so that’s all, now we can go home.”


Belém is another must see on the list. The wind is still blowing strong and doesn’t want to stop! Due to the wind Torre de Belém has been unfortunatelly closed but all the other attractions were available to visit.


I stared with Museu Colecção Berardo. The gallery makes an unbelieveable impression. The display of João Miguel Barros is full of so many emotions. I was moved, shocked, happy, full of fear and nostalgia. The descriptions to the photos lead you beautifully down the way of dreams, hopes and reality “and at that moment, even without speaking, they understood that the stage of life was far more than any form of representation of love.”


Another exhibition was “No place like home”. Artists show domestic objects in an altered way to provoke new response of what we are familiar with. I adored the whole exhibition but one of my favourite objects was a shoe. A high heeled shoe. Filled with needles with little cristals. This metaphore couldn’t be more clear. Ladies put high heels on which might be quite painful but this is the devotion ladies are willing to take to shine, shine bright like a diamond at the end of the needle.


There is also a great collection of other artists such as Warhol, Hockney and Pollack.

Afterwords I went to stand in a long queue to The Cloister of Jeronimos Monastery.
Come in and feel like in a Harry Potter movie 😁


Pastel de Nata was originally produced by monks in Cloister who used whites of eggs to starch their robes. They came up with an idea to use egg yolks to make pastels. The recipe was sold to a family who opened the bakery Pastéis de Belém and sell the original pastels. When I went in, looked around, and saw the info on the wall that they have 400 places available to sit. That’s great! So having waited over 30 mins in a long queue, I finally sat down and order famous Pastel de Nata. Which was amazing. You will say why don’t you just use take away service?! Oh well, the queue to take away was finishing at the end of the other street… 😅


Portugal, especially Lisbon, is famous for Fado music. I visited Clube de Fado. The performance was emotional and went well with Portugal mentality. Here everyone sings Fado, in the street while walking, a bus driver… 🙂


There are three more places which I recommend to visit. The gateway to Lisbon – Plaça do Comercio with Arco da Rua Augusta, extraordinare contruction of Gare do Oriente – the main station in Lisbon and Fundação José Saramago – the house of one of the most famous Portugese writers awarded with Nobel Prize. The facade of the building is a little bit spiky. What funny happened to me, I came from the back side of the building and I was quite surprised how Casa dos Bicos looks like from the back. Not very traditional.


Porto, finally I made it!
My trip to Porto didn’t start very well. My super fast Pendolino Inter City Service has been cancelled because of the strike. But I made it and got to Porto a little bit later. Porto made me forget about everything I saw in Lisbon very quickly! Beautiful, charming and magical. Just perfect! From all the cities Bruges was my number one but now I think I have another number one! And again narrow streets, tilded buildings the same as in Lisbon but somehow different. Porto is the city of churches. On each corner you can visit a church. All of them make Porto look special. But there is one that is certainly very special. Igrea de São Francisco. Gothic church with Baroque inside. Go first to the Chapel and underground cementry. Then go to the church. I haven’t ever seen as majestic church as this one. Baroque interior full of gold strikes you from the first step. You may think it is too much but actually it all comes together well and somehow there is harmony.


I took narrow streets and went down to Rebeira area. It was even more I could expect! Colourful fasades, small restaurants and lots of places to sit down and just enjoy the view listeninng to the music played by street artists. Everything is subtle, colourful and stylish. You can describe it using one word: fairy tale. Have you ever had this feeling that you forget about absolutely everything? Riverside of Porto definiyely will help you to do it. And at this very moment nothing is more important than going to the other side of Ponte Dom Luís I 😁


The top deck is reserved for pedestrians and metro. It can be accessed from upper cetral part of the city. From the riverside access to lower deck is available. So if you don’t like walking up you can take a metro service from São Bento to Jardim do Morro and then enjoy the views from the hilltop tropical garden. Some say it is a postcard view. Another option is taking Teleférico de Gaia, a cable car, one way (€5), and then walk down, or return (€8). The panorama of the city, pastel-hued houses of Ribeira and river Douro looks great from a gondola as well.


I couldn’t leave Porto without going to the seaside. The lighthouse Farol Senhora da Luz stands on the border with Atlantic Ocean. I got there during quite strong winds so pictures I took look even more stunning. Taking a costal walk is a must do with Forte de São Francisco Xavier as the icing on the cake.


Food in Portugal
My favourite part of the stay! I have a rule if you travel, eat as locals!
I love this rule! Portuguese food is absolutely super extra fantastic! Everything tastes very delicious! I mean both sweet and savoury dishes. On a daily basis I ate excellent soups, especially Caldo Verde, fresh squeezed orange juice, typical Portuguese croquetes, quiche and samosas, and my favourite rissols with prawns. I have already mentioned my visit in Pastéis de Belém and delicious Pastels de Nata. This is a pastry that I definitely try to do by myself. In Portugal fish and seafood is amazing so make sure that you try some of these during your visit. I can recommend the bacalhau dish which goes perfectly with Portugese wine or tuna steak.


To sum up, let me answer the question formulated at the beginning of this post. I had an amazing time in both places. Both of them are easy to travel around, have plenty cosy cafes and really good restaurants. You cannot be bored in Lisbon because there is sooo many places to visit! For a travelling purposes to do some sightseeing, have good food and relax, it is just great.
But I fell in love with Porto.


Sydney – first impressions and wild life side of the city.

Finally, I made it! Having enough of looking at beautiful pictures of Australia on Instagram and Facebook, and dreaming about going there, I booked a ticket. A ticket to Paradise! 🙂


Sydney is absolutely amazing place full of surprises. There is always something going on you can be a part of. I loved the idea having a little garden with a big screen to watch Australian Open Grand Slam. Next to the International Cruise Terminal, there is a special place which street artists can book and perform. They do so many kinds of art starting with singing, dancing, painting finishing with acrobation and stand-ups. My favourite was Emma. She could fit herself in a small box. Her sense of humour and contact with audience made a performance really special.

I started my Australian adventure in Darling Harbour. On Sunday morning you don’t get lots of people over there, shops are still closed so you can enjoy a coffee in one of many cafes. In Darling Harbour, there is Sydney Sea Life and Sydney Wild Life Zoo. I was impressed a lot with Sea Life. Having been to European Oceanariums, this one is well-planned and it offers a lot of species which cannot be found in other parts of the world. All of them are absolutely amazing. Passing big tanks with sharks, little fish and dugongs, walking through two large pools using the Perspex tunnels or looking at two-million-litre Great Barrier Reef tank are just fantastic feeling. You can take a boat inside and visit penguins too. A place perfect no matter what is your age.


Next to Sea Life is Sydney Wild Life Zoo. Come in through the foggy curtain and enjoy watching Australian reptiles, butterflies, spiders, snakes koalas and kangaroos. It is not a Taronga Zoo, about which I’ll write latter, but still worth seeing, especially when you book a combo ticket. Sea Life, Wild Life Zoo, Mainly Sea Life Sanctuary, Madame Tussauds and Sydney Tower Eye have the same owner, so booking online combo ticket for couple of attactions is a good option to get the discounts.

Walk through Pyrmont Bridge – National Engineening Landmark and visit Fish Market. Or go the other way straight to Chinese Gardens of Friendship. The garden was built in 1988 according to Taoist principles. You can enjoy silence and peace over there surrended by lush plants. If you would like to feel “more Chinese” you can wear national Chinese outfits only for $10. 🙂


From time to time, they organise events to paint tiles for The Great Wall of Friendship whch is brilliant idea to interest the youngest generiations into different culture.


Taronga Zoo!

So special and unique. And yes! you can see giraffes lazy walking and Sydney in the background! 🙂


I took a ferry to Taronga Zoo and I was ready to start off with Sky Safari. It is a cable car which takes you to the main entrance. Views were already amazing from a cable car: monkeys, elephants and bongos. A very good start!

The area of Taronga Zoo is absolutely huge. It is around 75 hectares of bush where many Australian animals live. Kangaroos, koalas, platypus, komodo dragon and lots more. The variety of birds is impressive as well. I loved the spots with benches where you could sit and just watch all amazing birds: Pink-headed pigeon, King Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Noisy Pitta and Cassowary.



Is this bongo just sticking his tongue out to me?!


You can be entertained for at least couple of hours over there not only wandering around but also participating in shows, animal talks, feeding times. They have done a special Tiger trek as well. Usually the queue is really long to get there! So you need to wait a little bit for your boarding time. You enter the quite old plane construction. Your flight attendant welcomes you onboard and says that you are going to fly to Indonesia! And there you are! Indonesian street with Indonesian shops with dragon fruits hanging on the door and, what is most important,  Indonesian tigers 🙂


When I told my friends I booked a ticket they all warned me about spiders, snakes and other wild life. Did I encounter any? Oh, yes. You have no idea how many times all those creatures made me jump! Once, when I was walking through the forest, I went off the beaten track and almost walked into a massive spider web with yellow and brown coloured spider which was huge. Luckily, I stopped on time! But it didn’t discourage me from exploring. Just be careful where you walk and pretend to be a tree with your legs wide when it is a snake. And it will be aaaalright 🙂20180124_011247IMG_0140IMG_0170

To be continued...

Pura vida in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is like a little piece of green paradise for nature lovers and those who are looking for adventures! So if you would like to expierence good life – Pura vida – there is no better place to go!

Pura vida!

Costa Ricans, who usually call themselves Ticos, use optimistic slogan “Pura vida” all the time. How are you? Pura vida. How is your work? Pura vida. It’s beautiful! Pura vida. It is just perfect phrase to use at any time during the conversation. Ticos seem to be optimistic and enjoy their lives.

Costa Rica, situated in Central America and bordered to the North by Nicaragua and Panama to the South, has access to Caribbean See and Pacific Ocean. The famous Pan-American Highway (nb 1) goes through Costa Rica as well. It is the only country in both Americas without army and the country in which renewable energy supplies about 98% of its electrical energy! They are going to reach 100% soon.

There is no really bad time to go to Costa Rica because it depends on what you plan to do. Basically, there are only two seasons: dry from November till April and wet from May until October. I was very lucky to go to Costa Rica in May. Two weeks before my arrival everything was brown and dry. When I got there at the very beginning of wet season, the country was in bloom again, showing off with greenery. The country with over 100 vulcanoes, exporting bananas and coffee now becomes a new top touristic destination.

Must see in Costa Rica – Arenal Vulcano

I had a plan and I knew what I wanted to see for sure. I didn’t expect that I would see all of it and even more! Arenal Vulcano was at the top of my list. I was a little bit afraid of the weather if it would be good enough to see the top of the vulcano during this time of the year. Even Ticos said that it might be impossible. Sitting on the bus, coming closer and closer to my destination I saw it! The most famous vulcano in the world for his absolutely perfect shape was right in front of me!


Monteverde adventure

Having visited Catarata Waterfall and Hot Springs with 25(!) thermal pools, I headed to see something completely different to rain forest – Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The Reserve consists of 6 ecological zones and is distinguished by extremely high biodiversity. The very first thing I had to see was the Hummingbird Sanctuary. I saw a hummingbird once when I was in Mexico but by the time I noticed it had already gone! This time it was a little bit different. Costa Rica has over 50 different species of hummingbirds and I was standing in the middle of the garden surrounded by so many of them! Blue, red, green, big, small, fast and slow! All kinds of them!


Monteverde is famous for its amazing hanging bridges. It is scary to walk and see the ground through the holes in the bridge but better stay focus and look what’s around you and not down below because then you see amazing things. The Cloud Forest. Taking a stroll over there is an fabulous experience. Take your time and don’t walk really fast. Why? Because there are everywhere very special plants, trees, insects and creatures! Don’t miss a chance to spot them. I always think that having a guide is a good idea even if you travel on your own. There are many surprising information which isn’t written in the guide book and you won’t find on the Internet. My guide in Monteverde not only spotted a monkey but also let me use himself as a tripod! 🙂


Palo Verde National Park

Palo Verde surprised me a lot. First of all, jungle all around, brown muddy river, so you expect what kind of creatures can live in such environment. Full of birds, bats which live on the tree trunks, insects and crocodiles. Being onboard of the boat, which was quite fragile and I wouldn’t say very safe, was the real adventure. I saw some of the crocodiles from the distance, even a baby crocodile, however, the captain had another idea how to show us a beast. He stopped a boat in the middle of the river and took a stick. No, he didn’t want to poke one of them saying “Hello Mr Crocodile, please turn around and show your big teeth so we can take pictures!” Because feeding crocodiles is forbidden in Costa Rica, he put on his stick a cloth and tried to tease it. It didn’t work that well, our crocodile was a clever beast so she wasn’t very keen on coming closer. Then our captain had another idea! Let’s put banana skin on the stick! And it worked. Our crocodile came closer and when she was jumping trying to ger the banana peel she landed on our boat… Usually on the trip like this you may scream “Man overboard!” not “CROCODILE ONBOARD!” Hello adventure! 🙂


Is it a good idea to go to Costa Rica?

Yes! It is a great idea to visit this wonderful place!

  • People are helpful and friendly. There are not so many vendors who will follow you until you buy something. Ticos are cultural sellers.
  • 1300 km of beaches! Which are quite different to beaches in other parts of Americas. You won’t see better combination of dark sand, blue water and green jungle.
  • Plants, flowers, trees, mountains and landscapes! Even if you are not a nature lover you will be impressed with things that surround you and how people who live there care about them.
  • Variety of birds, monkeys, sloths and other animals!
  • Delicious fruits and coffee.
  • Many chances to take a selfie with iguanas 😉
  • And of course, pura vida!


Zug, Switzerland


First (serious) post on the blog will be about my actual place of living – Zug in Switzerland. Having moved from UK, suddenly I found myself in an absolutely new environment. Culture, people, habits, language(!), everything was so different to what I had known. Process of getting used to this place took me lots of time and energy. Starting new job, meeting new people, becoming familiar with things which were unknown to me, dealing with all those new things. However, there was a one day, when I climbed on Zugerberg (Mountain of Zug) and looked at the town in front of my feet. I thought that the view I could see was just beautiful. Suddenly, it felt more like home. So, we gave each other a chance 🙂


Last year, at this time I was comparing chocolate waffels on Christmas Markets in Nice and Monte Carlo. This year, I chose the wish for the Wish Tree (Wunsch Baum) which is placed in Old Town of Zug. You can find all kinds of wishes over there! Starting with love, hope, healthy family, hapiness for all the people, finishing with never ending can of beer! Zug during the winter time is a great place to visit. The Christmas atmosphere is in the air but not in a very commercial way. The Christmas Market is subtle and charming. Looking at the snowy tops of Swiss Alps and enjoying a little bit of snow at the lakeside makes it even more special. Don’t forget about a piece of famous Zuger Kirschtorte. Because Zug is a town of cherries!

The Kirschtorte was invented by Heinrich Höhn in 1915. In Kirschtortenmuseum at Bundesplatz, there is still an original recipe available to see. What makes it special is that the sponge is soaked with Kirschwasser which is cherry brandy, made in Zug as well. The best Kirschtorte and actually the best cakes and chocolade mousse (in my opinion) could be found in Treichler – the real home of Zuger Kirschtorte. Being in Zug and never trying Spätzli, Rösti, Raclette and delicious Zopf is unforgivable. Apart from beer, it’s good to try very Swiss Rivella drink or Apfelschorle.

Zug offers breathtaking landscapes. Combination of lake, green fields, forests and mountains makes it a place where everyone can find something for oneself. Take a walk alongside Lake of Zug, rent a bike to explore more places around, take a boat to go on a cruise to see other parts of Lake of Zug, hike in the mountains or just stay in town and enjoy coffee and a piece of cake in one of many Cafes. What I personally adore the most is sunset. There is nothing better from the sunset beside a lake. The view is far beyond the expectations. The sky becomes a stage where colours, clouds and the sun perform a fabulous show everytime better and better. It’s a good occasion to take some pictures so you can meet both professional and amateur photographers.

The other thing which makes me always smile is saying goodbye to people. Not because I don’t like people! Mixing languages is quite popular in Switzerland, especially German, French and Italian so saying “Ciao, ciao!” always brings a smile on my face! 🙂




There is something for fans of windy weather too!



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